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has some busy things in the area to keep track of. >> he is keeping track of a car there. >> baltimore city police chasing that car. >> temperatures are better. >> that came down a little bit. there is relief on the way. >> we got some good news this evening. this is what we want to see. we do not need the severe weather. let's take a look at hd doppler. we're picking up brain in parts of harford and baltimore county. the heaviest spot is around the tollison -- towson area. there is not a round of severe weather we expect. there is another round of thunderstorms out of the mountains.
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the ground is dry, you will probably get some between now and 9:00 p.m. this evening so we will see all that line of storms come out of the mountains. the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> we can -- you can track storms anywhere on our iphone and android apps. we have you covered at >> jackie young has one of the most powerful positions in city government. he is a member of the city board of estimates that decide how taxpayer money is spent. jack young cannot legally or ethically vote on many important issues. david collins joins us from city hall with a follow-up to a story broke in to jammer. >> since coming to office, jack
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young says he abstains out of an avoidance -- an abundance of caution. we also challenged that ruling or that exploration because it let him off the hook on a lot of unpopular and tough decisions. since then, he has asked the city board of ethics for an opinion and some feel that ruling severely limits his ability to effectively serve. >> the ad team has learned that jack young could lose his seat, and be fined and cause contracts to become null and void by voting on issues relating to to private entities. >> this is one of those cases where the law parts company with common sense. >> he must recused himself from voting on all matters involving dpw, the city housing authority,
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the mayor's office of information technology, johns hopkins hospital, and a local head start center. what is the opinion do? >> it basically handcuffs him. >> we examined five months of minutes and found at a to hundred 72 items, jackie, abstained 201 *. -- jack young abstained 201 times. another brother handles hr agreements. his sister answers 311 calls. his wife schedules patient appointments in the pediatric department at johns hopkins and a relative is a teacher at a local head start center. >> one of the gaps in the ruling although it may be perfectly legal is they have not made the case that the city council president's broz lives will be affected.
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>> jack young declined to comment at least not until the ethics board considers his appeal to reconsider. >> i do not think he will be an effective leader if you are recusing yourself on material matter after material matter. >> he could offer full disclosure before every vote. >> if you have to recuse yourself, you should not be serving at all. >> and that city hall questioned why the city ethics board ruling does not apply to his behind- the-scenes lobbying to influence the votes he cannot cast. >> some good news tonight for
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home sales and prices in maryland are trending up with sales increasing for the fifth consecutive month ending in june. the governor and the state and city housing authority credited new state initiatives with spurring growth but one economist says it boils down to more demand for houses that available supply. baltimore city happens to be seeing the biggest gain in home values. values have increased over 46%. >> all this is good news. good news for all this with a we own a home or not. it is good news for our jobs and good news for our economy. >> the state got more economic news this afternoon. all three bond rating agencies have affirmed the trouble a standing. they can buy bonds at lower interest rates. there are seven so-called targeted areas where home buyers can qualify for lower interest- rate trading can see the map and find out how you can seek help
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for your mortgage on our website, >> new details concerning a large brush fire that sparked a graduation -- evacuation. it turns out something else was ablaze there. we explain. >> state forestry officials within the department of natural resources have confirmed the causes of the fire was a discarded fumble substance found near what is being described as a marijuana grow area. as you can imagine, sheriff's deputies are now involved. >> it was june 24 white well fires scorched 50 acres -- when wild fires scorched 50 acres. >> they asked us all to evacuate. >> one month later, forestry
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officials say even though the fire is still smoldering, it is common for a fire that size. >> the fire is controlled and contained. we have a very secure fireline around it. we do not anticipate any escapes or problems in the future. >> the story surrounding this fire has switched gears. we are glad that while forestry officials were investigating the cause, they made a startling discovery. several marijuana plants out in the open near where they found evidence that a discarded flammable material that investigators feel started the fire. >> our best investigators were out there and determine the source was close to a marijuana patch and as a result, turned it over to the county police to follow on the criminal side. >> investigators said they have removed six or seven growing plants and other plants have been burned during the fire.
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>> the sheriff's office describes it as a "basics moll lagrone." something that is fairly common in rural areas. >> you'll find some in cornfields and in the sunny areas of forests. >> the sheriff's office says it will step up their surveillance to see if there are many other growing areas. the queen and county sheriff's tavis says whoever they charge in this case, if they do, they will face a felony. enough was taken into custody. marijuana has been destroyed. anyone having information is asked to call. we're live in in queen anne's county. >> residents prompted a pair of breasts in annapolis. -- of the rest in annapolis. they found a large amount of
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drugs, guns, and cash. 19-year-old cortez marshall was arrested and charged. and robert taylor was arrested. police confiscated drus ags and handguns. >> beach patrol help stranded swimmers. >> no surprise for the offenses. the story in sports. >> we have thunderstorms in the forecast and check the seven- day. 90 at the airport.
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>> one man is dead after the plane he piloted crashed. it went down before 11:00 a.m. this morning. witnesses said the plane appeared to have engine trouble after dropping an advertising banner. the aircraft. the wing clipped a large tree before crashing. the victim was the identify -- identity was not released. two females were caught in a
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rip current. they had to rescue more than 45 people belong. >> the drought that has plagued most of the country has led to passage of a farm bill. providing extra support for farmers facing catastrophic losses. we have a look at the legislation. >> the bill contains controversial subsidies for farmers as well as cuts to food stamp programs. apolitical -- political analysts are saying election-year politics may get in the way of action. >> the severe drought is taking its toll across a large part of the country, hitting farmers with serious losses. the pressure is on congress to do something. >> it underscores the need for reform bill.
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we need to get a farm bill done. >> the bill improved crop programs and that helps protect drought-stricken farmers. it would also renewed disaster assistance programs for livestock producers. >> therefore it is drying up, they have to pay higher prices for corn and hay and beans. this would reinstate that disastrous system. >> the senate passed a farm bill with bipartisan support. there is no word on when house republican leaders will bring it to the floor for a vote. some lawmakers say the bill needs work. >> is in such bad shape that we need a good farm bill. i do not think this is the one. >> test their watchdog group says the bill spends money on lavish subsidies for well-off farmers and special interests. >> when not talking just been that's. -- we're not just talking
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peanuts. >> a bipartisan group of lawmakers sent a letter to the house gop leadership urging it to make the farm bill a priority. >> what is the holdup in the house? >> political observers say how republican leaders are concerned. they're hesitant to bring this to the floor because they're concerned about a revolt by tea party lawmakers who do not like the spending levels in this bill. there is an election year so it is likely that nothing will get down on this. >> this is a huge development. thank you. we will take you back to some wrecking as we have been following for the last 20 minutes. a car chase that started in baltimore city. what has happened here?
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>> from what we understand, baltimore city police were trying to apprehend a green during go. the ended up breaking off after the during the had crashed into several cars and we were able to follow it into anne arundel county. we have video to show you of some of the way the operator was driving the vehicle. he crashed into a car at morgan station drive south of the airport. the suspect got out of the vehicle and ran into the wooded area. adjacent to where the crash occurred. police are searching for the suspect. we understand there is no personal injuries involved. i can tell you that they're still searching for that individual. if you have spotted that person, please contact anne arundel
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county police and let them know what you say. >> thank you. nolan was injured, amazing. >> let's check in. hopefully you have some great news for us. as far as a cool down. >> we have that and some much- needed rain. this is what has been going on in baltimore and hartford counties. this storm has been hanging around this area for the last 45 minutes and it is dropping some good routes of rain. up to 1 inch under the darker red shades there. this is tapering off in harford county but still running around bel-air and there's nothing going on just that. we do expect thunderstorms to move in and out of the mountains. it can see this line of thunderstorms that has been out here for the last two or three hours, still holding together
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and drifting in our direction. the storm prediction center has not issued any watches. i assume it will stender severe limits and we wind up with some beneficial rain. we will watch and see how it holds together. if you are rooting for rain at your house, there is a good chance you'll get them tonight. north of us, after this line of thunderstorms goes by, it will drive for the to the south so we're in the 90's still. some of that clear serve to move in. it is 85 intelsat 70's. the forecast is mostly cloudy. temperatures into the lower end of this 70's. a mixture of clouds and sun. a chance for showers and thunderstorms. we will keep the severe weather away. the high temperatures between 81 and 86. chance forng a 30%
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rain shower on saturday. most of the day will be dry. significantly cooler with a high of 83. ice-t and sunshine -- on sunday. we were -- a nice day on sunday. >> the first two games of the series with minnesota saw a miserable game. the orioles [unintelligible] they got a bit of offensive help. chris davis unleashed. a 2-1 game. too high.
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it should have been caught by mauer. not a strikeout and not a home run. 4-3 orioles, taking the lead. and nobody out, did not allow a run. jim johnson got the job done. i think he even smiled after the game. >> this last two games were kind of scratch and climbing. it is not esthetically pleasing but what is pleasing is the orioles have a w next to it and i like that. next up is cleveland. next stop for tiger woods.
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he caught a break. fans in europe are less subtle. the winds were calm, and he played well. 3 under 67. adam scott made birdies on 8 of his first 13 holes. phil nicholson played in the afternoon. it was much with the air -- windier. phil nicholson
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>> supporters of the dream act are fanning out and so are opponents. the preparations for some of the attractions in store for visitors. visitors.
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>> we do have some rain and there will be some showers and thunderstorms. maybe tomorrow as well. most likely in the afternoon. 84 for the height. 83 on saturday. after 104, sign me up for the low 80's. >> we have an update on that car chase.
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thanks fo rjoining. captioned by the national captioning institute
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